Question 26: Is it right to tell someone that Yeshua loves them and that He will heal them even if they do not believe in Him?

Answer:  It is correct to tell an unbeliever that Yeshua loves him because He died for him. However, it would not be correct to tell the unbeliever that Yeshua will heal him. This is a promise we cannot make. In fact, the promise should even not be made to a believer since God chooses not to heal everybody.

Those afflicted with illnesses may be healed, but the healing may not necessarily come from the Lord. Satan can duplicate many things, including healing. If the unbeliever who was healed from an illness refuses to believe, he can just say, “I do not need to believe to be healed.” He has successfully been swayed by Satan not to believe.

It is best to present the gospel to the unbeliever and leave it at that.

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