3 thoughts on “Footsteps of the Messiah, now in eBook!

  1. Meanwhile the anti-dispensationalist hordes and selling their books like mad on Amazon… please….. are you guys trying to shoot yourselves in the foot…? Put your books on Amazon and write books that are aimed at the mainstream — e.g. the Bart Ehrman popular level. I just cannot understand what Ariel is trying to do 🙁 So sorry…

  2. Hmmm….well, meanwhile I am reading the book and enjoying it. I hope others are too. There is much here to study and learn from. I thank Ariel for this book. Blessings!

  3. I have maimed my Footsteps by my notes as I have followed the text. So much use has resulted in my feeble attempts to reassemble my precious tome as its spine is crumbling… I have grown SO much in my appreciation of Scripture as a result of this amazing literature, its about time I purchased another to keep me up to spec. Arnold, God has blessed you with so much understanding, I shall never be able to thank Him enough for your willingness to share with we less able souls. Mega, ginormous, ‘thank you’!

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