What has the Church Received from the Jews? Part 2, The Savior

A second thing that the Church has received from the Jews is the Savior, for Yeshua was a Jew.[1] The Jewishness of the Savior is brought out several times in Scripture. For example, in John 4:9, the Samaritan woman clearly recognized Him to be a Jew, and later in Rom 9:5, after stating that the Scriptures are of the Jews (v. 4), Paul adds of whom is Christ as concerning the flesh. Hebrews 7:14 states: For it is evident that our Lord has sprung out of Judah, meaning He was a member of the Tribe of Judah, and Gal 4:1-7 states that Jesus was born “under the law” in order to redeem Jews that were under the law and so that both Jews and Gentiles might receive the adoption of sons.

Another passage concerning the importance of the Jewishness of Yeshua is Hebrews 2:14‑17. The emphasis in this passage is to show why Jesus had to come as a human being and, more specifically, as a Jewish human being. It distinguishes, first of all, between fallen angels and fallen men. Verse 16 points out that God did not choose to provide salvation for angels and, for that reason, Yeshua never took on “angelanity.” He never became an angel to become a substitutionary atonement for other angels. God provided salvation only for humanity, and so God became human. But because there was a special connection with the work of redemption in connection to Israel under the Law, verse 16 points out that He did not come as just any man; He came specifically as a member of the seed of Abraham. He came as a Jew.

[1] This post is a modified version of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s original Messianic Bible Study. The full version may be obtained here.

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  1. Simple truth: Christ came 1st from the Womb, 2nd from the Tomb…at His third coming we will meet him in the air…and so shall we ever be with the Lord…He builded the last temple our of people and it is in us He dwells from time to time (Christ in you the hope of Glory) How can anyone preach the worst is yet to come when we have His word that nothing as bad as the razing or Old Jerusalem will ever happen again…New Jerusalem is where a stranger can not get in or any thing unclean…that is the Holy City that came and indwelt the Chruch on Pente Cost 50 days after Jesus took His ascension back to the Father…and He, Jesus preached the Kingdom of Heaven…not about it…He preached it…i.e., The Gospel, Salvation, The Power of God, Spititual Life, everlasting Life…it does not come by sight but it is from time to time with in “His Jews” we He present us to Himself a Glorious Chruch…amen

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