2 thoughts on “Jews, Gentiles, and Christians: Part 8

  1. Gentile ( not all but most) believers can’t take the culture shock. For two thousand years they have thought of Jesus as pretty much a non Jew, or one who totally rejected Judaism. So, the idea of looking at Him in a whole, new light is threatening. As a Gentile who celebrates His Jewishness and His love for His people, both Israel and the Church, I have a hard time understanding why so many in the Church can’t as well.

  2. You state that your goal is to “evangelize” and “disciple” the Jewish people. These terms are too “churchy” to be published on a public site where many unbelieving Jews will see this. How about using “reach Jewish people with the good news of Messiah” and “show them eternal truths written by the ancient Jewish sages.” Why turn them off at the get-go?

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