Year End Sale and Upcoming Items

Beginning November 1st we will begin a year-end sale of all Ariel books and digital media. Receive a 30% discount on all orders that are $30 or more, good until Dec 31st. Also, don’t miss the “flow” of new materials we will be releasing throughout this sale. Sign up for e-mail notifications of new products here and download our free smartphone app here to receive advance notice of these exciting studies!

One thought on “Year End Sale and Upcoming Items

  1. I didn,t see ths cd on personal eschatology when I ordered the dvd and cd on escchalogy. Is the price different if I request the cd on personal eschatology also. I would like to include it in my order even if it is more. Also I have been searching my cd with all of Arnolds studies on it and cannot find anything on Gog and Magog….I want a better understanding of the timing of this event. Am I just missing it or do you have another cd or dvd on gog and magog? Thanks for your help.
    Suzanne Lofton

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