The Long Awaited Eschatology and Personal Eschatology Series by Arnold Fruchtenbaum!

In light of recent attempts to cast “dates” on the return of the Messiah, these studies have never been more relevant.

For those of you who have waited for Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s popular study on Eschatology, the wait is over. This DVD series contains more than twelve hours of solid Biblical teaching, recorded live during Camp Shoshanah 2010. This course cover all facets of the prophetic Word of God covering topics such as the Rapture, Israel, the Tribulation, the Second Coming, the Messianic Kingdom, the Eternal Order, among other prophetic issues. Also, don’t miss the important MP3 series on Personal Eschatology. This series probes the biblical evidence for immortality, the question of the intermediate state of the body and soul, the Old and New Testament contributions to these topics, the place of the dead (e.g., hell and heaven) and a discussion about the eternal state of believers and unbelievers.


One thought on “The Long Awaited Eschatology and Personal Eschatology Series by Arnold Fruchtenbaum!

  1. There’s a lot of talk about the rapture, end times, and the timing of these events. I believe that the prophetic ‘time clock’ really started ticking again when Israel became a nation. I’ve always been intrigued with the exactitude of prophecies but also the scripture that states ‘one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day’ and have read speculation that there were 2,000 years between Adam and Moses, 2,000 years between Moses and Jesus, and 2,000 years from Jesus to the Millenial Kingdom. We recall that the Jewish people were in Eqyptian bondage for exactly 430 years which echoes the idea of exactitude. I’m absolutely not setting dates because no one knows the day or the hour, not even Yeshua, but
    if that supposition holds water, it would be it’s sooner rather than later that the end will come. Events look as if it might be true but the world has always had serious problems and it won’t be over til the Lord says it’s over. My question is would it be the Jewish calendar (5775 I think) or Gregorian calendar that would figure in prophecy? Gregorian would indicate more than 2,000 years from the birth of Yeshua but about 15-18 years from his death and Resurrection. My faith certainly doesn’t rest on any of this but I sense an undercurrent in some teachings that rests on the 2,000 year (give or take) supposition. If it’s true that there is a 2,000 year gap and God is using the Jewish calendar, then we’re a bit early. Personally, I would be happy if history would wind up quite soon! However, I will occupy til He comes!

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