Warm Birthday Wishes to Arnold and Mary Ann Fruchtenbaum

Birthday Greetings and heartfelt thanks go to Mary Ann and Arnold on their back-to-back birthday’s, September 25 (Mary Ann) and September 26 (Arnold). Happy Birthday, Mary Ann and Arnold – thanks for the many years of discipleship!

9 thoughts on “Warm Birthday Wishes to Arnold and Mary Ann Fruchtenbaum

  1. Yikes! your Hebrewness…I think that means only 730 days left for you to serve the Lord. Something like that?? This fan, of course, is hoping that the good Lord keeps you on this rock at least until you finish publishing your entire commentary on the Bible:-) Happy Birthday to you—my favorite teacher—and your lovely wife, also. I hope to see you in Haslett 16 October.

  2. Happy birthday to both of you! We are truly fortunate to partake of your ministry. Thank you Dr. Fruchtenbaum for sharing your knowledge & wisdom. Thank you Mary Ann for sharing your husband with the world. We pray you both will have many birthdays to come!!!

  3. Happy birthday to you both! May you have many more years to bless us with your teachings!

  4. Have a Happy HaPpY BiRthDaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the tremendous blessing you guys have been to me over the years ,

    God Bless you in the Beloved,

    Manuel Baeza

  5. Happy Birthday(s), Arnold and Mary Ann! I hope you had an enjoyable celebration. Many blessings to you both.

  6. I’m newly subscribed to your blog, so this is coming late. Happy Birthday to you both and I hope your special day was truly blessed! My grand daughter shares a birthday with Mary Ann. This is a pleasant surprise! We just celebrated her very first birthday. Her name is Charity and it’s an honor for me to know she shares her birthday with one of you.

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