Fruchtenbaum’s “Jesus Was A Jew” Makes Tony Blair’s Top 9

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, has chosen Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s Jesus was a Jew as one of his top 9 favorite books. Take a look at this snippet from The Guardian, Saturday June 25, 2011, page 8. (Click the image to read it)

JWJ Makes Blair's Top 9

12 thoughts on “Fruchtenbaum’s “Jesus Was A Jew” Makes Tony Blair’s Top 9

  1. very very cool…Arnold, does this mean you are going to be knighted??

    Ops, wrong branch or British government.


  2. That is so cool! Now if Tony would only read Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s other books maybe he would get out of the road map business!

  3. Please please please put a twitter button on your articles so we can easily share your blog posts.

    Do not hide your lamp under a bushel?!

  4. I’m with Denise on this one. May Blair be a doer, and not just a hearer (or “reader”) only. Great start to the blog!

    • Remember that it is the Holy Spirit that enlightens us to the truth – I think him reading Dr. F’s book is a seed planted –

  5. Don’t get excited guys, someone who follows so strongly syncretism will pick up many things, even the right ones. That “smart” Tony is part of the “big pushing machine” for the emerging church. Or stated in other words … a “nice” sounding and good looking wolf.
    But praise the Lord so this tremendous publicity for Arnold’s book. May many come through this to some deeper teaching.

    • Yes, I agree. And false prophets and false messiahs have to get close to the truth to make themselves seem believable. They have to twist the truth in just the ‘right’ way. Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation is on a par with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC World) started by the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip). Ban Ki-Moon did his “Many Heavens, One Earth” project through the UNDP in conjunction with ARC World. It’s interesting how much ecumenism and pantheism is being pushed on a global scale by those from England.

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